How to write restaurant evaluation essay

Perfect dinner and perfect essay: Writing a restaurant review
Let`s get back to the popular topic for students nowadays: writing essays. Nobody likes writing academic papers unless they are full of creative ideas and love following the requirements. You should admit that all high school seniors and college students of all courses face the challenge of writing a few essays from different subjects at least every several days. This becomes so regular assignment that some students think something like: «I need more time for writing essays, so I have to hire someone who could do my math homework for money.» One of the popular essay types has become an evaluation essay, which is more like a review and lets you observe different things and at least have fun. In this article, we will explain how to write a restaurant review essay and enjoy the results.

Top recommendations on writing a review

Even if you don`t like writing and prefer to send a request, «Please, do my essay for me» to a writing agency, this is not so bad (although speedy paper discount system makes this temptation even stronger). In fact, a restaurant evaluation essay is one of the easiest and most interesting types of academic papers, and here is why. Imagine that you have (or do have) dinner with your friends at one of the top (or new) restaurants in your city. You enjoy the meal and then share your opinion in an essay, getting a good grade. Although it still has rules to follow, the general concept is great.
Today people prefer to check the café or restaurant they are planning to visit beforehand and pay much attention to reviews. Your review can make or break someone`s reputation, so do it carefully. To write a restaurant description essay, you need to provide accurate and sufficient information about the restaurant exploring different things, from the cuisine to the interior. You have to present arguments proving both positive and negative impressions from the restaurant and to define the main criteria for the evaluation. So, start with:
1. Background
Before writing (and even visiting), you need to research some background information about the restaurant. It would be wrong to start with the pros and cons at once. First, you need to inform the readers about the location, opening hours, and cuisine. Don`t use the pronoun I in every phrase and diversify the adjectives when describing the restaurant;
2. Thesis
In addition to some background, the introduction part should also include a thesis statement. For example, you can write something like «Allessandro restaurant offers great food, but the prices are not competitive,» etc. You can either prove your statement or change it in the conclusion. Besides, it would be good to create an outline to make your writing easier;
3. Main body
Here you can include the key information about food, service, and atmosphere, which will make the basic three paragraphs (devote one idea to one paragraph to make it clear). Try to capture the general mood, interior elements, give some details on décor. Describing the service pay attention to politeness and reaction of the staff in case of an emergency. Try different dishes to be able to provide the readers with a fair review;
4. Conclusion
Summarize the main ideas of each paragraph and see whether you proved your statement. You can suggest the readers either visit or not visit the restaurant and give the reasons for proving your opinion.